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The Green Economy and Nickel's Generational Class I Supply Crunch

The supply of nickel Class I, essential for electric batteries, is expected to face a shortage for the next 3-5 years, according to our new report. The Oregon Group predicts a continued crunch in the nickel market despite increased production by Chinese nickel giant, Tsingshan. 

Nickel is an abundant metal, but Class I nickel less so — and Class I nickel that can be produced in an efficient, economic and environmentally responsible manner… well that is now, as they say, very “thin on the ground”.

With analyst consensus pointing to long-term growth, investment should be pouring into projects around the world. However, the Chinese-induced nickel price crash of 2007 left many Western investors and producers enduringly wary.

We’re connected! The Oregon Group has connections with explorers, developers, and producers in the nickel sector, as well as one of the top mine engineers in the business.  Our co-founders, Anthony Milewski and Justin Cochrane, are founding board members of Nickel28 capital corp.

The report examines key trends affecting the growth of Class I nickel supply and demand. These include geopolitical tensions, and the coming clash between the pressure to decarbonize supply chains and the high emissions of new and near-term nickel production.  

As Western governments finally wake up to the sorry state of domestic production, they are starting to take action. Some big shake ups could take place in the nickel industry during the coming years, but the longer Western money sits on the sidelines, the greater the upwards pressure on pricing.

Included in The Oregon Group nickel report:

  • Nickel explained
  • The big trends
  • Investing in nickel
  • Spotlight companies
  • Projections by The Oregon Group

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