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The Uranium Bull Market and the Coming of the Second Atomic Age

Uranium is at the start of a 10-year bull market, according to our new report. The Oregon Group forecasts the uranium market will be positively impacted by a large net increase in global nuclear reactors, which require uranium as fuel.

While other sectors struggle, the yellow metal continues to outshine the competition and we are confident that it has an even brighter future. But, like all areas of investment, it has traps for the unwary, so investors need to educate themselves.

The Oregon Group has connections in the uranium sector going back over a decade, and our lead founder has sat on the boards of some of the most successful explorers and developers in the business.

As the uranium sector has gained pace, we’ve hit up our industry contacts and combined their latest knowledge with our own insight to bring you this uranium report. Whether you’re new to uranium, or you’re looking for new ideas on getting positioned, there’s something in there for you.

Included in The Oregon Group uranium report:

  • Uranium explained
  • The big trends
  • Investing in uranium
  • Spotlight companies
  • Projections by The Oregon Group

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