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Welcome to The Oregon Group, an investment research team founded by independent capital markets experts, Anthony Milewski and Justin Cochrane.

Anthony, Justin and their team, are now sharing their boardroom expertise and institutional experience to help you profit and hedge your investment exposure during this time of unmissable opportunity.

Our investment insights are sourced from a network of some of the world’s most successful commodities traders, fund managers, geo-political experts, miners, metallurgists and scientists. 

Interviewed by the world’s leading media outlets, including Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Forbes, BNN, CNN Money, CNBC Squawk Box, and NIKKEI Asia.

Our key themes include:

Energy Transition
Disruptive Technologies
Climate Change
Investment Insights

The world is at an inflection point, the scale of which no one could have imagined 30 years ago. It is period of great risk but also great opportunity.

But don’t get buried under a mountain of stock tips and buy recs.

Anthony Milewski and Justin Cochrane have spent their entire careers in the capital markets. 

Anthony’s early years were spent as a portfolio manager with large funds in New York City and Europe, where he earned an international reputation as a commodities expert. 

Justin became an influential investment banking analyst working with some of the world’s largest banks.

Since then, they have been board directors, CEOs, and financiers, but, above all, Anthony and Justin are investors, and have built considerable wealth for themselves and for investors who have followed them.


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