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Copper: at the centre of the Metal Supercycle

Global supply of copper, essential for a host of industries and crucial to green technology and the global energy transition, is expected to face a supply gap of nearly 10 million mt within the next ten years, according to our new report.

Years of underinvestment by copper producers means primary copper supply is ill-equipped to meet the approaching tidal wave of new demand. There aren’t enough mines, there aren’t enough near term producers, there aren’t enough high-grade ore bodies.

Based on our analysis, The Oregon Group believes that we are in the early stages of an extended copper bull market. We believe there will still be some price volatility in the short term but we are also convinced that long term growth is secured thanks to the accelerating transition to clean energy and the green economy, both of which are being supported by aggressive government legislation and funding.

All of which opens up a generational opportunity for investors.

Our co-founders, Anthony Milewski and Justin Cochrane have connections with explorers, developers, and producers in the copper sector going back over 10 years. 

For copper, this could result in a major supply upheaval because North America has the reserves, the infrastructure, and soon perhaps the political will, to reclaim its historical crown as the king of copper production.

Included in The Oregon Group copper report:

  • Copper explained
  • The big trends
  • Investing in copper
  • Spotlight companies
  • Projections by The Oregon Group
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