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Inside the accelerating global race for lithium

Lithium demand is set for 20 years of rapid growth with the speed of EV adoption ensuring high demand and putting a substantial floor on the volatility of prices, as well as creating exciting new lithium jurisdictions.

The Oregon Group’s new report highlights how the fragmentation of lithium’s supply side represents a compelling opportunity for investors. The speed and scale at which demand is growing means a huge number of mines will be needed, and countries that facilitate rapid development may offer particularly attractive upside.

Our co-founders, Anthony Milewski and Justin Cochrane have over 10 years worth of connections with explorers, developers, and producers in the lithium sector. 

The investment case for the lithium sector is clear: robust, long term growth on the demand side, and a supply side racing to keep up as electric vehicles gain further parity with fossil fuel vehicles.

Included in The Oregon Group copper report:

  • Lithium explained
  • The big trends
  • Investing in lithium
  • Spotlight companies
  • Projections by The Oregon Group

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